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MOVE PLUS is agile and smooth, powerful and reliable, from the lowest of speeds. Due to the torque that activates in more difficult moments, it supports pace by aiding and sustaining the cyclist’s pedalling. The assistance is on various levels so you can tackle sections of moderate difficulty as well as those that require a harder push, typical in sports trials. The motor is especially designed to express maximum propulsion, as shown by the drive torque which goes up to a cadence of 80RPM, keeping the output of the motor high even at greater rotational speed. The power of the motor is calculated by multiplying the drive torque by the angular speed of rotation: as a result, as the cadence grows, the power also increases, until it peaks and the maximum driving speed can be reached, which is of course self-limited to 25 km/h as per law.

  • Torque sensor motors enable you to take on ascents of more than 30%



* Data depend on the road condition and load. Test carried out on computerized test bench.


LEVEL 0 = 0%         

No assistance is provided by the motor, however, all the cycle computer functions can be consulted

LEVEL 1 = 50% 

Minimum but effective. At this level, assistance is hardly detected.

LEVEL 2 = 100%

Continuous motor operation for greater autonomy.

LEVEL 3 = 200% 

Fast in the city and ideal on off-road tracks. The pedalling mode is assisted by the continuous thrust of the motor.

LEVEL 4 = 300%

Intended for sporty riding, this assistance is direct even at high frequencies.

LEVEL 5 = 400% 

Unquestionably fun and ideal for sports routes, the experience is comfortable thanks to the power involved.


LEVEL 0 = 0%         

In this mode, the motor does not provide any pedalling assistance, whereas all the cycle computer functions are active.

LEVEL 1 = 100% 

Pedalling assistance is minimal and almost imperceptible; subtle assistance is provided for cyclists.

LEVEL 2 = 200%     

The motor provides constant pedalling assistance. This level, especially for daily travel, provides an excellent combination of pedalling assistance and autonomy.

LEVEL 3 = 300%     

Powerful pedalling assistance from the motor. In the city, it is fast and responsive thanks to constant assistance.

LEVEL 4 = 400%

It is the ideal level for a sporty and energetic pedalling mode at a fast pace. It provides maximum thrust on both urban and extra-urban routes.

LEVEL 5 = LAZY       

This level provides extra power with minimum effort by the cyclist.