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We have been making electric bikes for 15 years and we were one of the first in Italy to believe in sustainable mobility, which at the time seemed like a way of looking forward, into the future. This future, today, has become the present. We have been present in the e-bike sector since the year 2006 and have always distinguished ourselves through technology, aesthetics and high quality components. Electric mobility is more than just a product range for us, it is a real concept: we are specialised, focussed and always in search of innovation, so that we can satisfy the tastes of the most dedicated bikers as well as those who are approaching the reality of pedal-assisted bikes for the first time. We want to reach the hearts and minds of those who choose us with the great passion that has always driven our work and our commitment, the great faith we have in a sustainable mobility option only made possible with the use of technologies, instruments and components that are unmistakable in their high quality and unparalleled performance.

We see the electric bike as something more, as an actual lifestyle. Each of our models has a different soul, each one suits the characteristics and needs of those who choose an e-bike, which is why our collections include distinct models, from the adrenaline-pumping Sport-MTB, to the adventurous Trekking, moving on to the City-Urban models for everyday use, to the “on trend” Action-Fat right up to the Easy-Folding model. Let us bring colour to your free time with our bikes.


2006 - 2021

15 years in the
saddle of our e-bikes


With our e-bikes we would like to show a veritable evolution in electric mobility, which we display every year with a collection of pedal-assisted bikes that are devised, designed and developed to meet the needs of a public that is increasingly demanding when it comes to vehicle performance, and at the same time more aware of and sensitive to safeguarding the environment. With our vehicles you can get around and enjoy the freedom of an outing in the open air to the full, whether you are in the city, in the countryside, by the sea or in the mountains, in full respect of the environment all around you: at Armony we have chosen an alternative 100% electric form of mobility, so you can enjoy yourself with zero impact. The intention is to uphold a cleaner present and create a better future for us and for the generations to come.


Increasingly attentive to quality standards, almost all of the production takes place in our headquarters in the Republic of San Marino. All Armony bikes are tested, guaranteeing the continuous improvement we apply on all our models.


Armony electric bikes guarantee maximum safety and are designed and built in accordance with the Machinery Directives 2014/30/EU, the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2004/108/EC, in compliance with UNI EN 15194:2018 standard and subsequent amendments.



It really is time for bikes and this sentiment will only grow as time goes on. We truly believe this at Armony and this is why we are trend-setters with every collection of e-bikes. Our electric bikes cater to the tastes of amateurs and meet the expectations of the most demanding of bikers, because they really are made for everybody. We embrace the best design solutions and combine them with the technology, motors and components of the best known brands. The moment has come, get onto your Armony and enjoy life.