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All of our pedal assist mountain bikes have been conceived and designed with one goal in mind: to help people explore new ways to move. Our Sport MTBs feature a sleek design, powerful Italian-made 85Nm Oli Sport motors and top quality components, to make sure you have an amazing experience riding through unspoiled landscapes.


If you love to discover nature in a different way, pedalling on a mountain bike path or on a fascinating dirt road through pristine wilderness, but you also love to use your bike to get around town, our trekking bikes are the perfect choice for you. Our pedal-assist trekking bikes are designed for avid cycling enthusiasts: all you have to do is choose your next adventure.


You can use it to get to work every day, or to see your friends and family. But you can also use it to get around the neighbourhood, or to enjoy the beauty and the sense of freedom that only a bike can provide. Our urban city bikes are made for this: to make your daily commutes simpler, faster and greener.


Our Action Fat bikes feature large 20 X 4.00 inch tires that make them very safe and comfortable on rough roads. Tram rails, cobblestones, holes and bumps will no longer be a problem: the large amount of air in the tires will make your ride extremely comfortable by cushioning the holes, while the large 4.00’’ contact surface will help you get through the most treacherous areas.


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Armony e-bikes can be purchased from our official dealers all over Italy and beyond! Find your nearest reseller and purchase the model most suited to your own ideal of fun!


To see the AUTHENTICITY of the PRODUCT you have purchased and activate the WARRANTY, all ARMONY bicycles have a security seal with a QR Code which allows you to access information on the authenticity of your purchase and to find out how to activate the warranty.