October is here, but before we venture into the new month let’s look at the month of September. It was trade fair month for the biking sector and bikes were at the centre of numerous Italian and international events. As vehicles, bikes are an integral part of our lives. And they structure the various moments of our day, not just those dedicated to actual sports activities: from riding around the city to excursions into the countryside as well as business trips, bikes accompany us wherever we go.

The Armony bikes were on display at the trade fairs too, in particular at the Verona Cosmobike Show. The fair was a success, boasting more than 60,000 visitors, over 11,000 bike tests and more than 350 stands. Now at its third edition, the Cosmobike Show has become an international reference point for experts, professionals and even just plain enthusiasts, proving that it can appeal to everyone, not just those who work in the sector. Cosmobike also creates a space for dialogue between companies and retailers, a useful setting for both B2B and B2C to preview the biking trends of 2018. For retailers it’s an opportunity to test the products and meet the manufacturers, for the brands it’s an opportunity to meet the people selling their models and give them more information about the characteristics of the various items.

Armony presented itself to the Cosmobike audience with a new collection and, most importantly, a new logo which is more tech, modern and dynamic. So that it could better convey the qualities and distinctive traits of this sport and the type of mobility, electric and therefore attentive to ecological impact, that our company has been promoting for more than ten years. Our flagship product for this edition was the Milano Avanguardia 2018, an E-Bike that stands out for its original look and its modern, “clean” design. But the distinctive traits of the Milano model are the engine situated in the rear hub, which is now more compact and invisible like the 500 Wh battery hidden in the hydroformed aluminium frame. Another notable feature are the rear lights: a light bulb located on the seatpost and two lights integrated into the chainstay to increase visibility.
Are you ready for 2018? We are! 😉

Pubblicato il 25 October 2017 in News

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