The importance of a culture that respects the environment

Sustainable mobility is a way to focus attention on the environment, which is of prime importance more than ever today. With regard to respecting the environment, travelling while reducing emissions and pollution to a minimum not only contributes to a gradual improvement in the quality of life but also plays a role in changing habits and behaviour, making people more aware and focused on a healthy life style that respects our surroundings. It involves a series of actions and good practices, which together lead to respect for the environment, which, today, also involves large cities, where an improvement in urban mobility with a view to sustainability has helped to reduce CO2 emissions and traffic while generally improving their liveability.

From the introduction of ZTL areas to increased recycling of waste, the creation of real pedestrian/cycle networks and the use of bike and electric vehicle charging columns, everything contributes to developing a culture that respects the environment and people. In the immediate future, this will allow us to refer more to smart cities, namely, those that meet the real needs of citizens.

In short, a new dimension of mobility, which is environmentally friendly and green, can be considered an investment for looking to the future with optimism, combined with the number of urban green spaces, whose role in the road network of cities and towns is clearly no less important.

Pubblicato il 25 January 2016 in News

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