Cleaning your bike is something that you should do on a regular basis, after each use or every week, especially in fall and winter when the bike is more easily subjected to dirt, water and mud. Cleaning is not just a matter of keeping things tidy, it is also an opportunity to check the status of the components and make sure everything is in order and working correctly.

But how do you clean an electric bike? Here are some tips!


Wash the bike with water and a cleaner or degreaser that is made specifically for e-bikes, starting from the hub and moving out towards the rim. Then move on to the frame and the rest of the bike and let the product set so it can act. Never use water jets on electrical parts, motor or battery to avoid damaging or compromising their operation. For these more delicate parts use a sponge or brushes.


It’s a long but fundamental phase: before starting the bike it must be completely dry to avoid rust and corrosion. Make sure that no moisture has been left on the electrical components. To dry it, use low pressure compressed air and a microfibre cloth for the most delicate parts.


Another fundamental step is to lubricate the chain regularly to avoid wear and to prolong its life. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Remove the chain guard.
  2. Clean the entire length of the chain with a rag.
  3. Spray all the links with a grease made specifically for bike chains.
  4. Remount the protective cover.

It’s also important to check the frame and the bolts to make sure that the welds don’t have any defects like cracks, incisions, deformations, etc.

So now get out there and take care of your e-bike! 😉

Pubblicato il 28 February 2018 in News

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