Unfortunately, bike thefts are on the rise to such an extent that every year FIAB (Italian Federation of Friends of the Bicycle) records about 320,000 thefts in Italy alone.
How to prevent bike theft?

A large number of anti-theft systems are available on the market: physical or technological.

Physical Systems
It is taken for granted, but not that much, that you know how to secure your bike well, both the resistant part and its removable components, being careful to choose a resistant pole or bike rack. The padlock comprises a support or material (U-locks, chains etc.), a lock (with a key, which is safer, or a combination lock) and a coating (in fabric or plastic), which is essential for preventing damage to the bike and providing extra resistance to tampering. You need a high-quality padlock that is secure and can discourage any thief: those made of steel or manganese are excellent choices. We recommend steel U-Locks, which are among the most resistant and toughest to break. If, on the other hand, you prefer a chain, it needs to be long so that it wraps around all the removable components of the bike, from the saddle to the wheels: since thieves stop at nothing, it is essential to make any eventual tampering complicated and difficult. Always take everything with you that can be removed but cannot be firmly secured, such as an odometer, bag etc. Remember: no padlock or chain is indestructible but the more difficult it is to break, the harder it will be for a thief to steal your bike.

Technological Systems
Various types of technological systems are available: they are useful, above all, after a theft, since they allow stolen bikes to be tracked, thanks to the presence of sensors fitted to the bike, and the owner notified via a specific app. Then satellite systems, which operate via a GPS, can keep you up to date on the position of your bike. An anti-theft system is usually placed under the frame. If the bike is moved, the owner is notified via a text message and the bike can be located. Armony bikes, for example, have an instant Voila GPS anti-theft system with a tracker alarm. Positioned on the handlebars and connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth, the alarm is activated as soon as the owner moves away from the bike. When any unauthorised movement is detected, the anti-theft alarm is triggered, which immediately notifies the owner of the danger by communicating the location of the bike via a text message or phone call. Every 90 seconds, the owner is notified of the location of the bike until it is found.

In addition to these systems, common sense should always be used:

  • always firmly secure your bike even if you are only leaving it unguarded for a few minutes.
  • be careful where you park it: preferably in busy well-lit places
  • make a note of the frame number, personalise your bike with a detail and take a photo of it: in the event of theft, it will be easier to track it and prove that you are the owner!

Protect your e-bike!

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