The boom in e-bikes is a phenomenon that can be seen in various sectors, not least in the tourism sector. The increasing focus on bike touring in Italy (and even more so in Europe) has led to a growing number of people interested in this type of holiday. Thanks to pedal-assisted bikes, it is easy to find the right balance of minimum and healthy physical effort and the assistance of a motor that also allows you to enjoy the toughest climbs.

Different options are available for e-bike holidays in the mountains, on the plains and in historic centres: simple half-day tours, radial tours (i.e. always with the same starting point to which you return and depart again) or real on the road trips to face alone, with a loyal companion or in organised groups.

In short, there are many options open and many facilities and infrastructures for bike tourists in Italy and in Europe. One of the attractive features of this means of travelling is that it offers the utmost flexibility: you can choose to organise a trip alone or get a tour operator to do it for you if you don’t have time to plan everything yourself.

Now that you know (almost) everything, all you have to do is plan you next holiday on your e-bike!

Pubblicato il 6 June 2017 in News

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