From a futuristic vision to a prominent company: the history of the e-bike

The history of electric bikes involves crazy inventors, sometimes brilliant, who had to struggle with all the limitations of the period in which they lived. Few people know that bikes with motors began to appear about 150 years ago, in an attempt to add a steam engine, popular at the time, to the first bicycles. As expected, it was a vain attempt.
Throughout most of the 20th century, despite some attempts worth mentioning such as the Humber electric tandem in 1897, cars and motorbikes caught the public’s attention, also due to lack of interest in the environment and to the low price of petrol.
It was only in the 1970s, thanks to the first environmentalist movements, that interest in electric mobility began to increase, but, once again, it failed to make its mark.

With the arrival of the new millennium, the pedal-assisted bike successfully stood out on the market. Technical innovations over the last twenty years have led to the design of increasingly lighter batteries, which can optimally replace a car on short distances, as well as different types of motors (brushed or brushless), which can be attached to different parts of a bike e.g. on the hub of one of the two wheels or on the bottom bracket.

Over the last decade, the Armony Bikes brand has become popular thanks to its pedal-assisted models: Armony products clearly offer state-of-the-art technology that perfectly combines with stylish design. These features make all the company’s bikes fashionable, safe and reliable.

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