Every bike has its own app

After a huge influx of apps for smartphones to measure and monitor fitness regimes, it is now time for apps for traditional cyclists and for those who prefer electric bikes.

It is clearly not the same as having a tool specifically designed for that function and using these apps we notice that they use up the battery, however, they are certainly an excellent choice also in terms of costs compared to dedicated cycle computers.

First of all, it is necessary to explain that different types of app are available. The most common of these perform the main functions of old cycle computers: they monitor the number of kilometres covered, maximum and average speeds and travel times, whereas they also control the battery level of e-bikes. The second category of app is used for navigating and for trying out new routes, using a GPS. The third type, instead, includes all accessories that are useful for improving or broadening our experience, for example, for monitoring cardiac activity or for learning the basic servicing and maintenance operations required for bikes.

To obtain such data, the apps are linked to the motor control unit via a Bluetooth transmitter that ensures connection between the bike and the computer.

The free Fore Rider app, available as of this year, is also compatible with Armony’s e-bikes and allows you to: activate/de-activate the speed limiter, monitor and record your performance and obtain a set of data (speed, times, distance, slope, elevation, pedalling power, motor power, current and average cadence) in real time. But that is not all, Fore Rider also records electric power, controls the Easy Walk 6 km/h function, turns on the rear and front lights and adjusts the PAS level of the motor.

All this is available in a single app that is always at hand, since a smartphone is now an accessory that we find hard to do without.

Pubblicato il 16 February 2017 in News

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