The first important novelty proposed in the 2019 collections is certainly the appearance of pedal-assisted racing bikes, which have multiplied in numbers at the most recent trade shows in the sector. The right question to ask is whether they will be as popular as mountain bikes, which have made their mark in some market sectors, also giving new life to sectors such as local tourism in mountain and hilly areas in many regions of Italy.

E-road bikes provide assistance with pedalling, i.e. by means of sensors they give cyclists extra power. Various levels of assistance are available, from the lightest to those that provide more significant support while clearly at the expense of the battery life. It is therefore necessary to learn how to gauge and calculate how much and what power we need.

The most important innovations in the sector, however, have nothing to do with the new models; instead, it is the motors that are the real protagonists. Much space is dedicated to the Fazua motor and its use. It is the lightest and most compact motor on the market, designed to be practically invisible inside the frame. The motors guaranteed to be present will include the Bosch Performance Line CX, and the STEPS 7000 in the Shimano range for MTBs.

International trade shows in the sector also show the direction the market is taking. At the 21st edition of Eurobike, a special focus was given to e-bikes: it could not have been otherwise, since the e-bike market is growing at an increasingly fast pace, attracting the attention of companies, even at the expense of “muscular” bikes.

At EICMA, instead, e-bikes will be the stars of the show from 6 -11 November in Milan. This International Bicycle and Motorcycle Show will give ample space to pedal-assisted bikes. The 76th edition of EICMA will therefore be dedicated to e-bikes, with the largest ever participation of pedal-assisted e-bike manufacturers. There will be a fully dedicated themed area also providing an opportunity to test the various 2019 models. One exhibition hall out of six, covering more than 100,000 square metres, will focus entirely on e-bikes.  The president of Confindustria ANCMA (National Association for the Bicycle, Motorcycle and Accessory Industry), Andrea Dell’Orto, also stressed the importance of this trend, “The market is showing very significant growth: only last year, almost 150,000 e-bikes were sold in Italy, equal to 19% more than in 2016 and the figures for this year are looking very positive.” An interesting fact is that “In 2017, domestic production grew by 48%.”

Meanwhile, the new World E-Bike Series, an international circuit dedicated to e-bike competitions, has been presented in Montecarlo.
It will be inaugurated on 12-13 April 2019 in Montecarlo, the venue chosen thanks to its cutting-edge e-mobility technology. It will then be hosted at Lake Maggiore, Italy, and in Barcelona, Spain, on 5-6 October. It will not be a simple race but a real experience aimed at raising awareness of using e-bikes.

It would seem that electric mobility is the mobility of the present more than of the future.

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