Electric bikes: aesthetic appeal, stylish design and functionality

The aim of electric bike manufacturers it to combine functionality with stylish design in a vehicle for environmentally friendly travel. Year after year, the pedal-assisted electric bike is becoming more popular with all types of consumers, from motorists to cyclists. In the past, the main aim was almost exclusively linked to the functional aspect, however, great strides have been made in technology in the electric bike sector and, today, manufacturers focus on making pedal-assisted bikes that combine functionality with stylish design. This is achieved by researching innovative and attractive shapes, combining this pursuit of aesthetic appeal with the use of hardwearing and high-quality materials while using technology that makes a bike a really smart vehicle.

Aesthetic appeal, stylish design and functionality are not only the present but also the future of electric bikes. The idea is to offer solutions that are increasingly varied in type and price range. With their aluminium frame, disc brakes, professional gear change and increasingly lighter weight, electric bikes have been given a whole set of details with improved quality, ensuring a normal operating time covering between 40 and 60 kilometres. In addition to an electronic control system, they have a handlebar that allows you to handle all the bike functions. Finally, the different types of electric bike include: specifically urban models ideal for short trips in large or small cities, hiking and tourism bikes for more demanding trips, as well as female versions with softened lines.

Pubblicato il 14 March 2016 in News

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