is the new central motor, developed with state-of-the-art technology, which equips new Armony e-bikes. Thanks to different software confi gurations, this motor offers maximum performance both for MTBs and Trekking bikes.


Torque-sensor motors allow you to tackle climbs exceeding 30%


  • LEVEL 1 = 15% 

  • LEVEL 2 = 30%  

  • LEVEL 3 = 50% 

  • LEVEL 4 = 85%

  • LEVEL 5 = 100%


The E-TEK central motor develops a power of 250W and a maximum torque of 90Nm. These characte-ristics guarantee great capacity in terms of assistance and acceleration.
Even on long journeys, the E-TEK motor is designed to provide a sportier off-road ride and a smooth and progressive ride for city use.


Thanks to an easy-to-read graphic interface, the backlit LCD display panel provides all the most impor-tant information for the cyclist: instant speed, battery status, mileage and selected level of assistance. Additional selectable information includes: average speed, maximum speed, total distance, ride distan-ce, ride time. The solid and ergonomic hand controller on the handlebar controls all the functions on the display panel and allows the rider to select 5 different levels of assistance.


The batteries are created with Samsung-LG lithium-ion cells and a smart BMS system for data col-lection and cell life protection. The batteries develop 36V and 13Ah/14.5Ah with a total capacity of 470Wh/520Wh. The design of the case that houses the cells allows the batteries to be charged even when they are inserted in the frame.

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