An e-bike offers many advantages even if it has a motor. An e-bike does not pollute, respects the health of the environment and is an excellent choice for your health!

Moreover, it is an agile and responsive means of transport, allowing you to get about in traffic at speed and enter limited traffic zones.

As far as our health is concerned, using an e-bike we can obtain physical and psychological benefits. Contrary to popular belief, an e-bike is an ideal choice for everyone, not only the elderly or those who need to recover from accidents and operations. An e-bike is the perfect choice for those who don’t want to get overtired or give up exercising. The presence of an electric motor helps a cyclist at times when more intense pedalling is required, as in climbs. We can keep our body healthy because on an e-bike, as on any other bike, you not only get exercise but also:

  • counteract a sedentary lifestyle
  • increase muscle tone
  • keep your joints flexible without overloading them
  • keep your cardiovascular and respiratory systems in shape

In addition, in psychological terms, more than any other means of transport e-bikes have positive effects on our mood. When riding an e-bike mental and physical stress is reduced, our endorphins increase and tiredness gives way exclusively to fun and serenity, allowing us to pedal long distances while enjoying the ride, with no worries or effort. Not surprisingly, cycling therapy is recommended in many cases, also to counteract depression.

In short, riding an e-bike is an excellent way to stay fit and respect the environment:

it does not release toxic emissions but helps to reduce acoustic pollution that is harmful to our mental health.

Have we convinced you? Jump onto one of our Armony bikes, pedal for the environment and, above all, for your wellbeing! 😉

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