E-bikes are becoming increasingly popular, with many different models available and many related events focused on them. This enthusiasm can also be seen in the figures and data that speak plainly, since e-bikes are taking over about 22% of the European bike market. In Austria, for example, the e-bike market has been steadily growing since 2012. In particular, last year (86,546 e-bikes were sold in 2016) a significant increase was also seen in the sales of e-mountain bikes and, consequently, also a rise in the market prices of bikes and their parts.

Also in France (not to mention Germany, Switzerland and Northern Europe) the e-bike sector has grown for the third year running, indicating a 30% increase to 134,000 e-bikes and an average retail price of over 1,000 euros. Such figures are also reflected in general trends if we take into account that the overall French market is worth 1,023 billion euros, with sales amounting to over 3 million bikes.

Overseas the e-bike market is also steadily growing. In the USA, despite the recent approach taken by the US President Donald Trump favouring fossil fuels, an increase in pedal-assisted e-bikes as a means of transport can already be seen, with good prospects for growth.

In Italy, the e-bike market is seeing an increase in the number of potential “assisted riders”. According to a recent survey, 85% of the sample interviewed would be interested in using a pedal-assisted e-bike to get about instead of using public transport. Moreover, 48% of those interviewed maintain that, in the future, e-bikes will replace other motor vehicles such as scooters. In Italy, 56,189 e-bikes were sold in 2016, indicating a 9.8% increase and this number is expected to rise. Production figures for last year are also important (+90.36%, with sales totalling 16,600 e-bikes), although they lagged behind overseas sales, which look good for the future.

In short, pedal-assisted e-bikes are inevitably populating our streets, broadening our concept of sport and changing our lives.

If you haven’t done so yet, it’s time to change over to an e-bike!

Pubblicato il 30 August 2017 in News

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