E-bike is just as cool in Europe as it is in Italy

A bike-oriented lifestyle has been embraced mainly by countries in northern Europe, with cities like Paris, Oslo and Berlin leading the way. However, things are changing in Italy too. With a view to promoting sustainable electric mobility, there is plenty of support from Public Administration in many regional capitals.
These incentives have been very well received by the public. Just think that last year Rome was 4th out of 31 European cities in terms of participant numbers in the European Cycling Challenge, which is the largest team challenge for city cyclists in Europe, saving 25 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Apart from the undeniable benefits for the environment, what is really encouraging people to buy an electric bike is the fact that getting around on two wheels is becoming a trend in the city. The bicycle was typically used by people of a certain age in the past, but it has now succeeded in attracting the attention of younger generations with its appealing design and affordable price. An e-bike is actually a valid substitute for a car and allows you to bypass costs such as fuel, insurance and motor tax as well as sparing us life’s little everyday nuisances, like finding a parking space to go to work or meet our friends for an aperitif.

In addition, year after year the list of Italian cities providing lanes, bridges and paths especially for cyclists is getting longer: from Mantua and Reggio Emilia to Cremona, Lodi, Ravenna, Sondrio and Padua.

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Pubblicato il 18 May 2016 in News

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