The benefits and advantages of using electric bikes

Noiseless, practical and, above all, green. This sums up the advantages of the electric bike, an innovative vehicle for everyday mobility, designed to adapt to the lifestyle of cyclists and revolutionise that of those who usually use a car or motorbike to get about. Purchasing and using a pedal-assisted electric bike brings many advantages. First and foremost, when travelling in the city, time can be saved, avoiding queues and traffic and arriving at your destination without delay.

The second advantage, of no less importance, is clearly the environmental benefits it brings:

an electric bike does not emit pollutants into the air. It is also very affordable, since you can travel up to 60 kilometres for a few cents depending on the model, and no insurance, licence or road tax is required. Running and maintenance costs are also reduced.

The advantages of using an electric bike are evident when comparing it with the classic bike: you can choose to limit the use, or not, of the pedal-assisted device, deciding how much effort to put on the pedals to avoid excessive fatigue. Electric bikes help cyclists to travel thanks to long-life batteries and a cutting-edge system, which includes light, strong and high-quality materials and user-friendly technology. Comfort and convenience are advantages of great importance: electric bikes are noiseless and can be easily parked anywhere.


Pubblicato il 25 January 2016 in News

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