A few numbers from the e-bike world

The end of the year is a time for financial statements and good intentions for the future.
E-bikes are the best-selling electric means of transport in the world. Thanks to technological progress, we have been able to create electric bikes that are cheaper, lighter, and more similar to traditional bikes.
So let’s examine some numbers related to the pedal-assisted bike market.
China ranks first for the sale of e-bikes, with 32 million out of an overall market of 35 million. In Europe, the sector is currently experiencing gradual growth, along with high-quality “Made In Italy” bikes, which are much appreciated abroad.

ANCMA (Italian Association of Manufacturers of Bicycles, Motorcycles and Accessories) confirms that electric bikes are becoming increasingly popular in Italy and in other European countries.
Numbers for 2016 are expected to be significant: 2 million e-bikes have been sold in Europe. We believe that in the Netherlands and Belgium one bike in three is already electric. It is definitely worth investing in the electric mobility sector. According to market leaders and producers of transmission systems for e-bikes, the revenue share may reach 30% of the bike market within a few years.

Furthermore, electric bikes are environmentally friendly and healthy for us and for everyone. For every euro invested in utility cycling, the community gains five, and numbers regarding bicycle touring are really encouraging. In fact, if you want to go on a touring bike trip or try something more thrilling on mountain trails on a MTB, you do not necessarily need to be sporty thanks to the broad offer from e-bike producers.

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