Over the past two years, e-bikes have seen an unprecedented increase in popularity and there has been a great increase in the demand for this type of bike. This huge success is mainly due to the extending field of use of its motor, which ranges from the classic city bike to the sportier mountain bike.
More and more women are choosing to buy an e-bike, since this type of bike has many advantages.

First of all, pedal-assisted bikes are an environmentally friendly means of transport that can be used for short or longer distances. They are the best choice for those who want to protect the environment, preventing the spread of harmful substances into the atmosphere.

Once the battery has been charged, the e-bike is autonomous and does not require stops at petrol stations. Therefore, it allows you to save time and petrol over long or short distances.

The pedal-assisted system requires a lot less effort than pedalling with classic non-electric bikes. You can enjoy the pleasure of riding with others, pedalling for even two or three hours without any effort, but moving just the same.
E-bikes can also be a solution for girls who are not so fit and would like to accompany partners or friends on MTB rides.

E-bikes have considerably developed in recent years and the models offered are just as attractive as bikes without a motor. The innovative sophisticated design by Armony meets the needs of users who look for aesthetic appeal in each product. Therefore, every woman can find her ideal e-bike in the wide range of products that Armony has researched and offers for all types of need.

Pubblicato il 18 October 2016 in News

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